How does a Quiz Maker Meet the Test Requirements of Different Subjects?

A practical quiz maker can simplify the organization of online exams, so many companies and schools currently use online exam systems to carry out online exams. However, different industries and even the same industry have different test subjects. There may be different requirements for the types of test questions and the way of forming papers. So how can the same examination system meet the needs of examination subjects in different industries?

Question type

Online Exam Maker supports multiple types of questions, such as multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, true or false questions, essay questions, comprehension questions, etc. In addition to the above question types, the system also supports image, audio, and video. The administrator can combine various types of questions when editing questions. For example, listening questions in English, comprehension questions in math, etc. For questions that need to be answered with pictures, candidates can use attachments to upload answers, saving time for answering questions. In addition, Online Exam Maker also has a variety of ways to import questions. Users can upload test questions in batches using Word and Excel, and edit the questions in the system.

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Organization of test paper

There are three ways for users to organize a test paper, pre-selected, random and pre+random. Three different forms of organizing test papers can meet the needs of different industries for examinations. For example, pre-selected can be used to organize test papers for topics that need to be explained after the test; if the administrator wants to prevent candidates from cheating during the test, they can choose random or pre+random to organize test papers.

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Settings in the exam

Users can improve the test paper settings according to test requirements. Online Exam Maker offers a variety of settings of an exam, such as the number of tests, a particular candidate for an exam, test time setting, correction of test papers and so on. There are also a variety of anti-cheating settings, such as face recognition, copy and paste prohibition, screen cut restriction, test monitoring, etc., to ensure the fairness of the test. Various settings can meet the needs of different users.

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As a practical quiz maker, Online Exam Maker can be used not only by schools to conduct exams for students, but also for companies to conduct assessments for employees. In addition, OEM is also suitable for online exams in all walks of life. If you also want to easily carry out an online exam, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience our system for free.