4 Basic Functions that a Good Quiz Maker should Have

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Do you want to use the free quiz maker to quickly create a quiz?

If your answer is yes, Online Exam Maker is the best choice for you.

Many people think that online exams can solve the problems of candidates taking exams in different places, but it takes a lot of time and energy to develop an exam system by themselves. We offer free accounts to users, you can register a free account in our website and try out our features. In Online Exam Maker, you can quickly create a test for employees or students, this powerful tool can save your time in making tests and will reduce your workload. The following 4 basic functions can help you quickly create an exam.

Massive question bank

Online Exam Maker can provide you with a massive question bank. You can upload your questions to the question bank in batches. This step can save your time of uploading test questions. You can categorize these test questions in the test question bank. When you need to use these test questions, you can easily find them according to a specific category. You can also upload multiple types of test questions to examine the candidates in many ways. Different types of test questions can make the candidates more interested in answering the questions.

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Categorize questions

Four steps to create an exam

As a mature quiz maker, Online Exam Maker provides users with simple operation methods. Users only need to complete these steps to create a test.

  1. Fill in theinformation of the exam. The complete information guides students how to do in the exam.
  2. Add test questions. You can import questions from the question bank. Online Exam Makersupports fixed test papers and random test papers. Candidates get different test papers to avoid cheating.
  3. Improve the test paper settings.You can improve the setting of the test paper after adding questions to make the test process more regular.
  4. Publish The exams can be shared with candidates through links or QR codes, so that candidates can take the test anytime, anywhere with smart devices.
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Four steps to create an exam

Smart scoring

After the exam, the system will automatically score objective questions, and the subjective questions will be manually modified by the administrator. This function can improve your work efficiency.

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Automatic correcting

Data analysis

The system will analyze the test scores of each candidate after the test papers are corrected. You can view various data of the candidates in the back-end of the system, which is useful for you to improve the training and teaching methods.

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Data analysis

A practical quiz maker can be an excellent auxiliary tool for your work, so that it can reduce your workload. If you also want to use the free system to create a test, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience it.