How do Virtual Recruitment Tests Work?

Virtual recruitment conducted online has now become a way for more and more companies to conduct recruitment. This new recruiting method is more responsive to changes in the external environment. Imagine that under the influence of the external environment, when the company cannot carry out offline recruitment, virtual recruitment will be the only way to ensure the smooth development of corporate recruitment.

Test in virtual recruiting is the key to evaluating applicants. Obviously, psychological tests, aptitude tests, etc. are often used as part of virtual recruiting. How to make various types of tests work in virtual recruiting needs more attention. As an online quiz maker supplier, we will tell you how to conduct a virtual recruitment test in this article.

Applicants registration and classification management

Testing is the best way to screen candidates. Before testing begins, businesses should create a test registration. It can be easily done in Online Exam Maker. After the applicant clicks the registration link to submit personal information, the test system will send a test notification to the applicant before the test starts.

After the information of all candidates is collected, the system administrator can assign candidates to different groups according to their job-seeking intentions, so as to facilitate management such as notification of exams, assignment of test contents, etc.

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candidate list

Creation of test content

Online Exam Maker provides users with 10 test question types, and each test question can be inserted into pictures, video and audio. It not only enriches the content of the test questions, but also does not limit the test type. Administrators can upload test questions to the test system in batches, which can not only create free question banks, but also use functions such as tags, difficulty settings, and classifications in the question bank to manage test questions more conveniently.

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upload questions in batches

Ensure that test results are valid

It is important and means anti-cheat features are essential when testing. There are various anti-cheat features in Online Exam Maker that prevent candidates from switching screens, using third-party devices, asking for help from people around them, etc. All cheating will be recorded in the exam system.

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various anti-cheating functions

Talent screening for the next round of interviews

After all test papers have been marked, administrators can view the test data and test scores in the test system. In this way, administrators can filter out candidates for the next round of interviews based on their performance rankings. The whole process avoids manual participation, which not only reduces manual input, but also reduces errors.

Online quiz maker can help companies carry out virtual recruitment tests to ensure the smooth development of recruitment. If you also need to use the examination system to filter out candidates, please click the “Sign up” button on the page to experience the test function of the test system for free.