How can Students Do Proper After-school Exercises?

We all know that every student is an independent person and has differences in learning. In the past, students were doing homework of the same difficulty, however, this was not conducive to the development of students. Because of the differences in students’ learning, they may be doing invalid exercises. This has something to do with the teacher’s manual operation to count students’ grades, because manual operation will consume a lot of time, and it is difficult for the teacher to grasp the learning situation of each student. As teachers, how can they know the differences between students and arrange suitable exercises for them?

The information transformation of society has brought great convenience to the education industry. An online exam system can help teachers solve problems well. The reason is simple, teachers can view the test data of students to know the differences in their knowledge. Online Exam Maker will be a demonstration tool here to sovle the above problem within two steps.

View exam data

After correcting the test papers in Online Exam Maker, teachers can view the transcripts of each student and the passing rate of the test, the correct rate of the test questions and other data. The transcript reflects knowledge points and test questions that students are not familiar with. The automatic data analysis function in Online Exam Maker saves teachers a lot of time in manually summarizing students’ results, which promotes the teacher’s daily work.

online exam system

Create different levels of exams

Assigning homework can also be as the process of creating test papers. After mastering the test data of each student, the teacher can classify the students and create test papers of different difficulty levels for them according to different student groups. After uploading test questions in batches to the question bank, the teacher should classify each test question by difficulty and easy label. Then when creating the test paper, they can select different test question types according to the label. In this way, students can do their own after-school exercises.

online exam system

As a product of advanced social technology, the online exam system has helped countless schools and examination institutions to create various types of examinations. If you also want students to improve their academic performance through effective exercises, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to try the test paper creation function for free.