How can Online Examination System meet your needs?

The key to high efficiency is meeting your needs. This will talk about how can the online examination system meet your needs.

Why do you need an Online Exam System?
Unlike a traditional examination system, an online examination system is more enhanced in numerous ways. From easier setup to remote access, to faster evaluations, an online exam system is better at fulfilling its primary role of being an online exam tool.
▶ Paper Saving
Since they are online they do not use paper. You can just create and release exams in 4 steps. Also, you never have to print the question paper and mark results for students. Besides, saving trees means saving money.
▶ Time Saving
You can set an auto-grade exam that will grade itself like multiple choices. The online examination can be completely automated and hassle-free. What’s more, you can batch import the candidates information, questions to make your work more efficient.
▶ Money Saving
The cost of buying and printing paper is saved. Also, you can save on logistics or assembling and conducting exams. They can give exams on their devices. In addition, it saves money to spend on exam conducting.
▶ Students Money Saving
Students do not have to go to a definite location to take exams. Students can take online exams from a remote location on computer or mobile phone.

Can the candidates take the exam as the same time?
Our Online Exam Maker can support more than 10,000 candidates to take exam simultaneously. The system will automatically save the exam data if power off and the candidates can continue when power is back.

Can online exam system effectively prevent the cheating?
Exams in online exam system is fair-guaranteed since it can provide the intelligent and powerful anti-cheating functions.
6 ways to secure online exam process:
▶ Powerful Face Recognition;
▶ Video Surveillance;
▶ Limit to screen switching ;
▶ Whole Screen Occupying ;
▶ Time Limit and Account Permission;
▶ Question Settings of Random Exam, Random Order and Random Options.
You can click here for more detailed information about the anti-cheating functions.

As an online exam system, Online Exam Maker works hard to meet your needs in creating online exams, quizzes and  questionnaires. If it does, sign up for a try. Don’t miss it.