What are the functional support of online exam system after the exam?

What are the functional support of online exam system after the exam?

When using the online exam system to organize exams, we not only value its functional support in creating test papers, but also attach importance to the functional support of online exam system.

So, what do users generally care about after the exam? In fact, it is the function of statistical analysis.

Today, I want to show you the functional support of our online exam system–[Oline Exam Maker] after the exam.

First one: Auto scoring function

  • Auto scoring for objective and subjective question; Support to show the score and report after submitting the test
  • Support to get proportional score if missing selection for multiple choice, auto marking according to each blank for Fill in Blank
  • Support to give the permission to sub administrator to marking artificially; choose to mark by the whole exam or single question

Second one: Passing rate analysis

It will count the number of passers and untimers in each test paper, and display the percentage with fan chart.

Third one:Basic analysis

Basic analysis includes summary of test paper results (pass rate percentage, average score, etc.), statistical analysis of score segments (users can customize a certain score segment, the system displays data in histogram), and classification statistical analysis (table format shows the number of questions in each category , score, correct answer rate, etc.), the correct rate of each question type.

Fourth one: Question analysis

The system will display the ranking list of the correct answers of the candidates in the test paper and the ranking list of the wrong answers, which  is helpful for the teacher to check the weak points of the students, and can make teaching adjustments in the course.

What’s more, we also support the analysis of each question. For multiple-choice questions, our system can  accurate how many people have selected one option and display the selection rate.

As for the the functional support of online exam system after the exam, are you satified with those above? If you need it, why not come to us and Sign Up a free account to try it out!