Is there an online exam software suitable for more than 500 candidates?

When we choose online exam software, in addition to considering the functional requirements, whether the system can support multiple people to conduct online examination is also a point that must be considered.Is there really an online exam system that can support more than 500 candidates to take the exam?

YES! Online Exam Maker is qualified for this job. And, if you want to test more than 500 people, it is recommended that the exam should be conducted in batches. Of course, if you insist in getting more than 500 candidates online at the same time, you can purchase additional quota.

Take our Online Exam Maker as an example to show you how an examination can be carried out in batches.

First of all, we need to group the candidates. In [Students List] of online exam system, the candidates who need to take the examination are divided into multiple groups. It is suggested to group them according to the rules of the purchased member. For example, if there are 1000 people taking the exam but the number of candidates taking the exam simultaneous is defined as 500 people. So, they can be divided into group A and group B with 500 people in each group.

Then, it’s necessary to make a reasonable time arrangement and make a good plan according to the actual examination time.

Lastly, we need to decide the exam order of each group. Group A can be assigned as the first group to take exam and Group B as the second group.

Tips: In order to avoid candidates leaking test questions, it is suggested that the time interval between the two exam should be within 10 minutes; at the same time, in order to ensure the fairness of competition, the camera invigilation function of the examination system can also be turned on, which can monitor the surrounding environment of candidates in real time, observe whether the candidates have cheating behavior, and warn the candidates who have cheating behavior.

Online Exam Maker is an online exam software with high concurrency which meet the need of users. If you are worried about the above situation when taking exams, online Exam Maker is looking forward to solving problems for you!

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