What are the exam rules settings in the Online Exam System

Can Online Exam System make the exam rules ? That’s absolute. When users create an exam in online exam system, they can set different exam rules according to the needs of exams.

So, what are the examination rules of the online exam system?

Times of answering and time settings

When organizing an examination, you can set the authority of answering questions, which is embodied in the setting of  time limits and number of times each participant can take, etc. Of course, the most important thing is the time setting during the exam. In the setting of the exam time, Online Exam Maker not only has the function of conventional time setting, but also has that of dynamic time of setting. Dynamic time affects the time length of exams. The later the candidates enter the answer, the shorter the remaining time will be. If it is set to 1 PM to 3 PM, when candidates enter the exam at 2 PM, there will only be 1 hour left to complete the exam.

Participant restrictions

In online exam system, you can choose whether it is open to all people or only designated to a group of candidates. If it is designated, candidates need to log in to take the exam. And those  that are not assigned cannot enter the exam. Or you can share the license code with the participants.

Notice of examination instructions

Before the exam, the rules of the exam can be listed to the candidates, for example the exam is set with anti-cheating function, what behaviors are prohibited to do. This function can remind candidates to abide by the test instructions and rules.

Anti-cheating settings

In Online Exam System, there are function against switch the screen , camera invigilator, screen lockdown, face recognition and other efficient anti-cheating functions for users to choose. When these functions are opened, the cheating behavior will be warned.

Results page

Users can specify whether scores, comments, question details and score query codes, etc. will be displayed or not after submission.

The above is some basic rules settings of Online Exam System. You may wish to do a reference!

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