If you need an online exam system, you don’t need to develop it by yourself!

Online education becomes a new trend, especially online exam. Many people would like to seize this opportunity to establish their own online exam system. But most of them are worried about how to develop a system by self. Dose it the best way to solve the problem?No! In this case, you have to pay a high cost of money and time.

Therefore, why not make use of the available resources, that is to say, make use of online exam system?

The most cost-efficiently online exam system I would like to recommend is Online Exam Maker. It is an online system easy to organize online exams with intelligent functions, such as test paper making, anti cheating, and statistic analysis, etc.

Custom homepage and domain

Whether it is a school, institution or enterprise, users can establish a tailor-made system which contains user-defined domain, title and logo.

A safe and stable online exam helper

You can 100% trust the performance of our system. Our system has been tested countless times to ensure its security and stability.we keep optimizing the system and improving the data processing algorithm. For us, it is a piece of cake to organize a-thousands-of-people exam.

A trustworthy team

Online Exam Maker enjoys professional technical team and friendly customer service specialist.As long as you need us, we will be there in time with professional service to solve all your online exam problems.

You don’t want to miss such a good online exam system, do you? Compared with developing by self, it is absolutely al ow-cost and time-saving way for you and I to establish a personalized system with the help of Online Exam Maker.  Don’t hesitate to having a try.

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