How can Candidates Check Their Scores on the Online Examination System?

In traditional offline exam, test papers need to be corrected by teachers manually. In this process, candidates cannot get their marks until teachers complete the scoring and announce results in person. It is a long process for both teachers and candidates. How about on online examination system? Can candidates get their marks immediately or can candidates check their marks on virtual system? Let us find out in the following.

There are two ways for candidates to check their scores after the exam is finished.

The first way denpends on the function of automatic scoring. As soon as the candidates submit papers, their marks will be displayed.

The second way is candidates check the scores by themselves after teachers complete the correction of test papers.

Firstly, the administrator need to allow candidates to get the score query code in the exam settings.

When candidates submit their test papers, the score query code will be displayed in the result page.

When it comes to the date of result query,  they need to enter the homepage and click [score inquire] in the bottom of homepage.

After that, candidates need to enter their eight-digit query code in the website.

Their exam results will be showed immediately.

Result query in online examination system is not a difficult job. If you are interested in organize an online exam, Online Exam Maker maybe a best choice for you.

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