Is cheating getting easy if taking online exams at home?

There is full of uncertainty about the coronavirus with our lack of understanding of it. The future of the students remains unknown since most of the exams have been suspended.

In fact, several colleges have taken the online exams such as competitions, quizzes and practices that relied on such online exam system like our Online Exam Maker for corresponding to the coronavirus. As known that those of Stanford who are taking individual graduate courses for credit are requested to take the online exams at home. A system which provides solutions for different kinds of exams is helpful.

However, is cheating getting easy if taking online exams at home?

Generally speaking, cheating is common when taking traditional exams. Tens of students sit in one room with one to two teachers supervising. While examining, some of them might take out a tiny note paper, some might using their phones, and some might ask the other student to leak his/her answer sheet for copying. You can imagine the limitation of catching the dishonest behaviors for teachers.

But the answer the cheating question is obviously not since our Online Exam Maker with intelligent anti-cheating function makes it effort to assist you to provide fair and effective exams.

Cheating becomes impossible since our anti-cheating function plays a critical role of guaranteeing the fairness of the online exams. Actually, our anti-cheating function contains powerful face recognition, video surveillance, screen-switching times restriction and etc. Please click here for the detailed information about anti-cheating function of Online Exam Maker.

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