Can online exams be organized to issue certificates to students?

For institutions that often need to do some qualification examinations and large-scale competitions, it is common and easy for them to issue certificates to students. However, how about online exam? Can certificates be realized in online exam system? In order to meet the needs of users, online exam system has developed a function of certificate issuance.

Before creating an exam, we need to make a certificate template. In the system, we can edit a new template according to the type of certificate we want to make, like adding student information, photos, company seals, etc.

After the certificate template is ready, we can start to organize the examination papers. It’s very simple to organize the examination paper in the online examination system of Online Exam Maker. As long as you follow the steps to create the test paper, import questions and set the parameters, the production of exam paper is completed.

(Note: in the case of many imported questions, you can use the function of importing in batches.)

When setting parameters, we can click [open the certificate issuance] and select a template you just created. In this process, we also need to set the requirement. Only when students’ scores are higher than the setting point, the certificates can be issued automatically.

As shown in the figure below, when the candidates take part in the examination and meet the performance requirements of the certificate, the system will pop up the certificate. Candidates can download the electronic certificate according their needs.

After watching this post, do you think online exam is even easier than offline exam? If you plan to organize an online exam that requires certificates, Online Exam Maker may be the best choice for you!

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