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Campus online exam system recommendation

The online examination system required by the campus is best to meet the needs of the school's random exams, intelligent scoring, etc., to support long-term exam requirements, or at least to support more than 2,000 online exam tasks of 5,000...

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How to conduct question bank management in online exam maker

When one sign up our online exam maker and want to create his online exam, he must upload the test question first. The question bank management system has great application value, which makes our paper creating work easy and enjoyable. How...

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Which types of test can the online exam maker apply to?

Online exams do not need to be printed or organized. Renting an online exam maker is not only environmentally friendly but also very cost effective. Many industries now have training, exams, exercises, and so on. Therefore, they will use the online exam maker. Which...

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What problems can be solved by choosing an online exam maker for corporate training ?

Nowadays, many enterprises will use an online exam maker for training and testing employees. Why?And what problems can be solved by choosing an online exam maker for corporate training ? The competition among enterprises is essentially the competition of talents.Enterprises...

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We have upgrade Online Exam Maker to the latest version

Hi all of our dear customers, we are very glad to let you know that we have upgraded the Online Exam Maker to the latest version, which comes with many useful features listed below, please enjoy. More stable, testing system.We...

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