What are the components of the enterprise online training assessment system

There are much work to do for enterprises to conduct an online training assessment test, such as employee management, preparation job before the assessment test and the summary after the test. Thus, many enterprises start using online training assessment system, which is quite convenient for enterprises to conduct online training assessment tests.

Then what are the components of the enterprise online training assessment system? And how do they meet the training needs of the enterprise? The article will describe in the following aspects.

Employee Management of Enterprise

For medium-sized and above enterprises, multiple sub-administrator accounts can be set up to coordinate training management matters;

Different departments can build organizational structures and manage employee account information by department to facilitate training.

Assessment Question Bank Management

The questions of the assessment tests can be imported into the system and managed by category.

Online Assessment Management by Department

Within four simple steps, online training assessment tests can be created. And assessment tests can be conducted by department.

Training Result Evaluation Management

The test results can show the staff’s mastery of training to a certain extent. Therefore,administrators can start with the management of test results, check the statistical analysis of the online testing platform, understand the test comparisons of various departments, and check the ranking of wrong questions.

Enterprise training is an inevitable condition for continuous innovation and development for enterprises. The online training should be convenient and efficient, and more in line with the current training needs of most companies. If your business also needs online training, it is better to use an online training assessment system!

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