How to prevent cheating in the online written examination for corporate recruitment?

Have you ever learned about Online Exam Maker(OEM)? I would appreciate to share the online exam system with you!

Because of the breakout of the COVID-19, many enterprises have to cancel offline interviews and practise the online ones for recruitment.

Unlike traditional interviews, there is a problem that this situation seems to offer a great opportunity for interviewees to cheat online. As the first and important procedure, written examination can weed out the least desirable candidates. But how to prevent cheating in the online written examination? Can the online exam system ensure fairness and equity of examination ?

Congratulations! The answer is YES! Online Exam Maker (OEM) can banish your worries and satisfy your needs.

Firstly, it has powerful face recognition. The system will scan the candidates’ faces in order to match their photos you uploaded before. If their face doesn’t successfully match their photos, those candidates will have no permission to enter the exam.  This function can prevent surrogate exam-taker.


Secondly, the interviewer can supervise the candidates via video surveillance. As long as the surveillance camera is open, the system will take a few real-time pictures. After examination, the administrator can load those pictures to observe any actions of candidates. In addition, if the administrator open the intelligent anti-cheating monitoring, the system will automatically monitor any cheating in test. When the system detects the times of cheating more than a given number of times, the paper will be forcibly handed in . What you must pay attenton to is that this function only can be used on PC side.



Lastly, the administrator can set the exam content in a random fashion. And, tests which are distributed to candidates will be in a different order. It is an effective function to stop copying the answer without thinking.


Besides the above functions, there are more practical features in Online Exam Maker. Looking forward to your exploration.

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