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How to archive exams?

If an exam has been completed, it will take up some space in the exam list. When there are too many exams, the list will be messy. In addition, some large companies often use more than one sub-account, they want to archive the exams, restore when they want to use again,  in order to avoid deletion by mistake.

In response to this demand, Online Exam Maker added the function of “Archive”.

Operation steps:

1. Log in Online Exam Maker , “Exams”“Exam List” As shown in the picture, check the exams to be archived and click “Archive”.

2. After confirmation, select “Archive” in the pop-up window.

3. After archiving successfully, you can click to view the archived exams.

4. If you want to reuse the exams,  check the exams in the archived records and click “Restore” to restore the exams to the exam list. If you are sure you don’t need the exams anymore,  click “Delete” to delete them permanently.

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