How to organize examinations under COVID-19? What if students cannot go to school?

How to organize examinations under Covid-19 remains a problem. The covid-19 pandemic is still quite serious and it can be seen online that after an online semester students also demand online exams. Therefore, conducting exams online by online exam system seems to be an answer.

How to proctor exams online?

Fortunately, there are many online exam systems that can be used for conducting online exams. And to maintain the integrity of the exam, many anti-cheating features, such as switching screen limit, interruption limit, full screen mode, no copying or pasting, surveillance camera, face recognition and intelligent anti-cheating monitoring, are also provided by the online exam system which can effectively reduce students’ cheating behaviors. With the anti-cheating features on, students will not be able to switch the page to look for answers and they can not be assisted by the third party.

How to create an online exam?

Before creating an online exam, we can upload our questions in batches into online examination system. Questions can be managed by category.

In online exam system, it is quite simple to create an exam. Take Online Exam Maker(OEM) as an example, it takes four steps to create an exam after the questions are imported: fill in basic information; select questions; add settings; and release the exam.

Many settings can be set up in the third step, for example the exam taken times, answer time, exam login setting, answering mode, anti-cheating settings, etc.

After the exam is released, the link and the QR code of the exam can be sent to the students therefore they can take the exam on time.

Auto grading is also provided by Online Exam Maker. Papers can be graded automatically after they are handed in.

Rich statistical analysis is also provided by Online Exam Maker, such as the average score, the highest score, the lowest score, pass rate, failure rate, correct answer rate and wrong answer rate, etc.

If you are interested in online exams, you could have a try by yourself. You could sign up Online Exam Maker and have a free trial.

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