How to Take Exam without Leaving Home?

With the increasing number of exam forms, traditional offline exams can no longer meet the growing demand for exams, and more and more schools are adopting online exams. As for candidates, how do they participate in the examination on the online examination system?

Take Online Exam Maker which is a mature and stable online examination system as an example.

Online Examination System


  1. Candidates can enter the exam by clicking the link sent by the administrator
  2. When candidates enter the exam, they will be asked for face recognition so that the teacher can verify the identity of the candidates
  3. During the exam, each question has a time limit, so that candidates can clearly know the remaining time of the exam, so as to arrange their own answer time
  4. Anti-cheating function in the system such as anti-cutting screens, full screen test and so on ensure the fairness of the exam
  5. After the test, candidates can quickly check their test scores, receive certificates and see their test rankings
  6. The system can also helpcandidates to collect wrong questions, reducing their time to collect the At the same time, candidates can see the answer analysis of each question and grasp the knowledge points in time.


From the above process, the online examination has restored the offline examination process to a large extent. The online examination system not only makes it easier for teachers to organize exams, but also allows candidates to take exams without leaving home.

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