How Can I Include A Link in A Google Form Quiz?

Incorporating a link into an online quiz can offer several benefits, depending on the intent behind its inclusion and the context of the quiz.

Here are some advantages of adding a link to an online quiz:

1. Providing Additional Information: A link can lead participants to more detailed explanations, articles, or reference materials related to a question or topic. This can be especially helpful in educational settings where the goal is learning, not just assessment.

2. Multimedia Integration: If the quiz platform doesn’t natively support multimedia, links can direct users to images, videos, or audio that supplements a question or enhances the quiz-taking experience.

3. Feedback and Resources: In educational quizzes, after answering a tricky question, you can provide a link to resources for learners who wish to delve deeper or need further clarification on the topic.

4. Source Credibility: If the quiz pertains to controversial or highly factual subjects, providing links to reputable sources can increase the quiz’s credibility.

5. Data Collection: If integrated with other tools, links can guide users to forms or sites where they can provide feedback, sign up for further courses, or participate in related activities.

6. Monetization: For quizzes used in marketing or business contexts, links can lead users to product pages, affiliate products, or other revenue-generating resources.

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7. Social Sharing: Links can allow users to share their results, feedback, or the quiz itself on social media, expanding the quiz’s reach and engagement.

8. Branding and Awareness: For businesses, links can direct quiz-takers to the main website, product pages, or other branding materials, increasing awareness and potential conversions.

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How to Include A Link in Google Form Quiz?

To include a link in a Google Form or quiz, you can insert it into various text areas, including the form’s description, questions, or section descriptions.

Here’s how you can add a clickable hyperlink:

1. Open Your Google Form:

• Go to Google Forms and open the quiz where you want to insert the link.

2. Choose Where to Add the Link:

• You can add the link to several places:
# The title or description of the form.
# A question’s text.
# A section’s description.
# An option for multiple-choice questions (although this isn’t typical).

3. Inserting the Link:

• Click on the text area where you want to add the link.
• Type or paste the text you want to display for the hyperlink.
• Highlight the text you just entered.
• Click on the chain link icon that appears in the pop-up formatting toolbar. This is the “Insert link” option.
• A box will appear where you can paste or type in the URL you want to link to. After entering the URL, click “Apply” or hit Enter.

4. Check the Link:

• To ensure that your link works correctly, preview your form by clicking the eye icon at the top of the screen. This allows you to view the form as respondents would. Click on the link to make sure it directs to the correct URL.

5. Finishing Up:

• Once you’re satisfied, save your form or continue editing as needed.

Now, when users access your form, they’ll be able to click on the link and be directed to the specified webpage.

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Step-by-step Guide to Make A Quiz with Hyperlink in OnlineExamMaker

Step 1: Sign In to OnlineExamMaker

Step 2: Add Questions

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