How Can We Examine Students Online ?

With the rapid development of computer technology, online exam has become the development trend of education and various fields.

Generally speaking, the traditional examination needs to go through four main steps: questions setting, examination paper preparation, offline examination and marking. Each of these steps requires the full involvement and the process is cumbersome.

Combined with traditional examination and computer technology, Online Exam Maker can save manpower and material resources to a large extent, which is a highly efficient assessment method.

Online Exam Maker is  a predominant online exam system that suitable for public institutions,  educational institutions and other institutions, which provides efficient one-stop examination service.

So, how to use Online Exam Maker to carry on the online exam to the student?

Step 1: Import questions to form the  question bank

(1) Add questions manually: the user selects the question type and enters the question stem and the answer. The system provides multiple choice questions, true or false questions, completion and other questions.

(2)Batch import test questions: according to the downloaded EXCEL/WORD format template, upload and import test questions to form the question bank

Step 2: Intelligent test paper formation

Users can create an exam paper by filling in basic information, adding questions, and setting up the exam paper. Users can choose the mode of fixed, random or a combination of both.

(1) Fixed test paper: the test questions are the same, but the order of the questions can be random, the order of answer options can be random.

(2) Random test paper: the system randomly selects the questions to form the test paper and the content of each test paper is different.

Step 3: Add student information
Users can choose to manually add or download the EXCEL template to import student information in batches according to the actual situation,  and then students can register independently.

Step 4: Link sharing
The test paper link can be embeded into the user website, or copy the test paper link, access code and QR code, and share them to the candidates through Facebook or Twitter.

How can online exams effectively prevent cheating?

Online Exam Maker has a strong anti-cheating system. A variety of anti-cheating invigilation strategies make online cheating impossible. For example, face recognition , video surveillance and forcibly occupy the whole screen. This series of anti-cheating programs makes the exam safer.

After examination, the system will generate a grade table after the test papers are marked, and the scores and rankings of the students can be seen at a glance. The system will also automatically generate a detailed statistical table for the test, the correct and error rates are included.

Teachers can easily export test records and data analysis, which is helpful for teachers to help students with their subsequent study.

Compared with the traditional examination mode, online examination is quicker and more convenient in paper preparation and exam arrangement.

Online Exam Maker can generate detailed statistical analysis of the results, which provides effective data while reducing the workload. The online examination system is really a good choice for modern education.

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