Recommendations for corporate training and examination systems for employee assessment

Nowadays, corporate training has been organized online as well as the training assessment due to its convenience and efficiency. Therefore, for companies that want to organize online training and evaluation, are there any recommended corporate training and examination systems?

In fact, there are many corporate training and examination systems in the market. Online Exam Maker is one of the well-developed corporate training and examination systems that can be used for employee assessment. Many useful features are supported by Online Exam Maker, as shown below.

Custom domain

Enterprises can customize the domain, title and logo of the homepage to develop an online testing platform of their own for employee training.

Employee management

The information of employees can be imported into the system in batches, or added one by one, and they can be managed by category (for example, by department).

Create employee assessment tests

In Online Exam Maker, there are four simple steps to create an employee assessment test: 1.fill in basic information; questions; 3.add settings; 4.finish and release the test. After create an employee assessment test, the link of the test can be shared with the employees so that they can take the assessment tests on time. The employees can also enter the homepage of the online testing platform to take the assessment tests.

With powerful anti-cheating features, such as screen lockdown, switching screen limit and real-time screen monitoring, etc. provided by Online Exam Maker, pre-recruitment tests can also be created in OEM which will maintain the integrity of the tests. Thus, qualified candidates will be employed.

Provide rich statistical analysis

Rich statistical analysis is also provided by OEM, including the rankings, the average score, the highest score, the pass rate, each candidate’s score, etc. The administrator can export the data needed for use.

Online Exam Maker is a excellent corporate training and examination system for employee assessment, which provides free trial at present. So if you are looking for a corporate training and examination system, you can try Online Exam Maker.

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