Are you looking for an online examination software? Come to try this tool

Many industries have been affected due to Covid-19 outbreak, like education industry. However, luckily there are technical tools, such as online examination software for educational institutes and schools which has to transition offline teaching to online teaching and offline examination to online examination to maintain the ongoing teaching and learning. Therefore, it seems necessary for educational institutes and schools to choose an online examination software to conduct online exams.

So are you looking for an online examination software? If so, you could try Online Exam Maker. It is an online examination software with powerful functions.

Support Question Bank

After implementing Online Exam Maker, you can develop a question bank of yourself, which is the key function supported by online examination software. You can import questions into system in batches using Excel or Word documents; you can also add questions one by one. Questions can be managed by category in our system, which makes it more convenient for administrators to add questions while creating exams.

Create Exams

After the questions are imported, exams can be created in four steps: fill in basic information—select questions—add settings—finish. And there are two mode supported by Online Exam Maker: exam mode and practice mode. Administrator can also create practices for students using practice mode so that students can check answer and analysis after answering each question. Once the exam is successfully published by the administrator, the link of the exam can be shared to candidates or the administrator can also share it to the social platforms.

Auto Grading

After the exam is taken, the system will do the grading automatically, which will save teachers a lot of time especially when a large number of candidates have taken the exam. Students can view  feedback immediately after they hand in their papers if it is set by the administrator.

Support Rich Statistical Analysis

Rich statistical analysis is also supported by Online Exam Maker after exam. The administrator can check the average score, highest score, pass rate, fail rate, correct answer rate and wrong answer rate and so on.

Anti-cheating Function

Effective and powerful anti-cheating functions, such as screen switching limit, interruption limit, no copying questions and no pasting content, surveillance camera, face recognition and intelligent anti-cheating monitoring, are also supported by Online Exam Maker, to maintain the credibility and the integrity of the exam.

There are more useful functions supported by Online Exam Maker. If you are interested in it, you can sign up and experience by yourself. Free trial is available.

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