What Is Free Exam Software, And Why You Should Also Consider Paid Solutions?

An increasing number of exams are conducted online during Covid-19 lockdown. We can use online exam software to conduct online exams.

At present, online exam software like Online Exam Maker(OEM) offers free membership for users to have a free trial. Users can experience the powerful functions offered by OEM by themselves. This is also why online exam software like Online Exam Maker offers a free trial. Users can always try before purchase; users can always purchase only if they are satisfied with the product.

Free membership offered by Online Exam Maker can be used for quite a long long time. However, if a large number of people taking an exam simultaneously and the frequent exams are required, it is recommended that paid solutions offered by Online Exam Maker should be considered. Why?

Firstly, there is limit of exam created quantity per month, candidates taking exam simultaneously and so on for free membership which is mainly for offering a free trial for users.

Also, if advanced functions, such as answering essay questions with attachment, adding sub admins to grade essay questions, surveillance camera, full screen mode, face recognition, certificates, custom domain name are required by users, it is recommended that users consider paid solutions provided by Online Exam Maker.

If you are in need of LAN Version of Online Exam Maker and API, we can also help you realize that.

In short, if free membership can meet your needs, we promise to keep it for you; if you have  advanced functional requirements, you are welcome to consult our customer service on our official website. We will provide you with professional online exam solutions!

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