30 Funny Sports Trivia Quiz Questions & Answers

A sport knowledge quiz is a series of questions designed to test a person’s knowledge and understanding of various aspects of sports. It typically covers topics such as rules, history, famous athletes, championships, and other relevant information related to different sports. The quiz can be in the form of multiple-choice questions, true or false statements, matching exercises, or any other format that allows participants to demonstrate their knowledge and provide answers. The purpose of a sport knowledge quiz is to challenge and assess the level of knowledge individuals have in the field of sports.

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Part 1: 30 interesting sports trivia quiz multiple choice questions with their answers

1. Which country won the FIFA World Cup in 2018?
a) Brazil
b) Germany
c) France
d) Argentina
Answer: c) France

2. Who is the all-time leading scorer in NBA history?
a) Kobe Bryant
b) Michael Jordan
c) LeBron James
d) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Answer: d) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

3. Which country has won the most Olympic gold medals?
a) United States
b) Russia
c) China
d) Germany
Answer: a) United States

4. In which city were the 2016 Summer Olympics held?
a) Rio de Janeiro
b) Beijing
c) London
d) Tokyo
Answer: a) Rio de Janeiro

5. Who is the most decorated Olympian of all time, with 28 medals?
a) Usain Bolt
b) Simone Biles
c) Michael Phelps
d) Serena Williams
Answer: c) Michael Phelps

6. Which player has won the most Grand Slam titles in tennis history?
a) Roger Federer
b) Rafael Nadal
c) Novak Djokovic
d) Serena Williams
Answer: c) Novak Djokovic
7. Which country has won the most Rugby World Cup titles?
a) Australia
b) New Zealand
c) South Africa
d) England
Answer: b) New Zealand

8. Who is the fastest man in recorded history with a 100-meter dash time of 9.58 seconds?
a) Usain Bolt
b) Tyson Gay
c) Yohan Blake
d) Justin Gatlin
Answer: a) Usain Bolt

9. Which team has won the most Super Bowl titles in NFL history?
a) New England Patriots
b) Pittsburgh Steelers
c) Dallas Cowboys
d) San Francisco 49ers
Answer: a) New England Patriots

10. Which golfer has the most major championship wins?
a) Tiger Woods
b) Jack Nicklaus
c) Phil Mickelson
d) Arnold Palmer
Answer: b) Jack Nicklaus

11. Which country has won the most FIFA World Cup titles?
a) Brazil
b) Germany
c) Italy
d) Argentina
Answer: a) Brazil

12. In which sport can you perform an ollie, kickflip, and heelflip?
a) Skateboarding
b) Surfing
c) Snowboarding
d) BMX
Answer: a) Skateboarding

13. Who holds the record for the most home runs hit in a single MLB season?
a) Babe Ruth
b) Barry Bonds
c) Sammy Sosa
d) Mark McGwire
Answer: b) Barry Bonds

14. Which country has won the most UEFA Champions League titles?
a) Real Madrid
b) Barcelona
c) Bayern Munich
d) AC Milan
Answer: a) Real Madrid

15. Who is the only player to have won FIFA World Player of the Year, Ballon d’Or, and Golden Foot awards?
a) Lionel Messi
b) Cristiano Ronaldo
c) Neymar
d) Ronaldinho
Answer: b) Cristiano Ronaldo

16. In which city are the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) located?
a) Paris
b) London
c) Lausanne
d) Geneva
Answer: c) Lausanne

17. Which country won the first Cricket World Cup in 1975?
a) Australia
b) England
c) India
d) West Indies
Answer: d) West Indies

18. Who is the most recent winner of the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship?
a) Lewis Hamilton
b) Max Verstappen
c) Sebastian Vettel
d) Fernando Alonso
Answer: b) Max Verstappen

19. Which country hosted the 2019 Rugby World Cup?
a) South Africa
b) New Zealand
c) Japan
d) England
Answer: c) Japan

20. Who is the all-time leading goal scorer in international men’s football?
a) Cristiano Ronaldo
b) Lionel Messi
c) Pele
d) Miroslav Klose
Answer: a) Cristiano Ronaldo

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21. Which team has won the most NBA championships?
a) Los Angeles Lakers
b) Boston Celtics
c) Chicago Bulls
d) Golden State Warriors
Answer: b) Boston Celtics

22. Who is the current reigning Wimbledon men’s singles champion?
a) Novak Djokovic
b) Rafael Nadal
c) Roger Federer
d) Andy Murray
Answer: a) Novak Djokovic

23. Which country won the UEFA Euro 2020 (held in 2021)?
a) France
b) England
c) Italy
d) Portugal
Answer: c) Italy

24. Which athlete has the most Olympic gold medals in track and field events?
a) Usain Bolt
b) Carl Lewis
c) Jesse Owens
d) Michael Johnson
Answer: a) Usain Bolt

25. Which team has won the most Stanley Cup championships in NHL history?
a) Montreal Canadiens
b) Detroit Red Wings
c) Toronto Maple Leafs
d) Chicago Blackhawks
Answer: a) Montreal Canadiens

26. Who is the current holder of the FIFA Men’s World Cup?
a) France
b) Germany
c) Brazil
d) Italy
Answer: a) France

27. Which country has won the most Davis Cup titles in tennis?
a) United States
b) Spain
c) Australia
d) France
Answer: a) United States

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28. Who is the most recent winner of the PGA Championship in golf?
a) Brooks Koepka
b) Phil Mickelson
c) Jordan Spieth
d) Dustin Johnson
Answer: b) Phil Mickelson

29. In which sport can you score a touchdown?
a) Baseball
b) Basketball
c) American football
d) Hockey
Answer: c) American football

30. Who won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019?
a) United States
b) Germany
c) France
d) Japan
Answer: a) United States

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